So You Think You Can Craft

Due to some unforeseen computer trouble, I’ve been unable to post for a little while. I’ve spent more time at The Apple Store than I’d like to admit (and plenty of money, too). This girl is ready to get connected and back to blogging. I’ve decided to keep combining my two loves – television and crafting. This week’s post is brought to you by my favorite summer show and a TV gem.


It’s going to be a little bit dramatic but plenty of fun. For me, anyway. Some of the gifs may not even make sense. Still, we’re going to try because they’re pretty. Without further adieu…sashay away.


My last post was about the chairs I reupholstered for my kitchen table. The seating was done; so, I needed to finish up on the table. Here’s a little reminder of the progress.

The chairs:

IMG_6760  IMG_6761

The table:


Beautiful, right? So, I think it is understandable that altering it in ANY way made me very nervous. What if I ruin this gorgeous piece of furniture forever?! I sat (in my beautiful chair) worrying over what color I should go with and how many coats would look best.


After calling my father multiple times to make sure he wouldn’t hate me forever if I made a wrong choice, I was ready to begin. I tried multiple stains out on the stirring stick to see how the color on the can would translate onto actual wood. English cherry (2nd from left) was my favorite.


It was time to actually start taking a brush to the table. Ashley at Domestic Imperfection has a great post about the magic of wood conditioner. I’ve stained a couple of pieces before this, but I’ve never used any conditioning products. The directions said to lightly sand and wipe down with a cloth. Then, simply brush on and let it sit for 15 minutes. This stuff works wonders. I will never stain a piece of furniture again without applying wood conditioner first. It creates a nice even appearance of the stain.

IMG_6493 IMG_6499

You know what’s a good way to spend 15 minutes? Browse through SYTYCD gifs and watch old dance clips. C’mon. It’ll be fun!

tumblr_lo6nk94DXE1qmdavgo1_400 tumblr_n9jxuxWZ7C1rver3co2_500tumblr_lna4kkyRdN1qbmp7lo1_500-12aad389.jpg

Links: First, Second, Third, Fourth. You’re welcome.


That’s enough. Back to staining!

I was afraid. So afraid.


But, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.


See what I did there?


I couldn’t just stare at the table all day, and I knew I could sand it down if I completely hated how the stain looked.  I started brushing on the stain, and suddenly, my fear was gone. STAIN ALL THE THINGS.




I let it set in for a few days, and then, I decided it was time for coat number 2!


I know, Travis Wall. What was I thinking? I was thinking that I want the table to compliment the other furniture in my dining area, and that meant I had to go darker. I lightly sanded the table, wiped it down and brushed on another coat of wood conditioner. It’s magical.


I painted on another coat of stain.


It looks great, right? After I took a step back and looked at it, I was practically jumping up and down.


One thing I did not account for either time was the strong smell. I’m used to staining things outside, but just having the fans on did not cut it. Note to self: Doors open, fans on and windows cracked.


I cracked the windows and left for a few hours. Once I got back, the air was a little less offensive.


Time to wait a few more days to apply the top coat of polyurethane. If you try and apply the final coat before the stain is dry, you will end up with a mess and a blotchy piece of furniture. I decided to wait about 72 hours before finishing up. All this waiting is exhausting.


After the weekend I lightly sanded the table and applied a coat of polyurethane. This was by far the easiest part and only took about 10 minutes to cover the entire table.


I took off the tape and cloth I had covering the legs. It was finished! I had a bit of a reaction. It was very similar to this:


Then this:


It was exactly as I had envisioned the table at the beginning of this fun process.

IMG_6811IMG_6812  IMG_6814

My kitchen table is complete! And, I love it! Now if I could just get Neil Haskell and Sabra Johnson to come to my apartment and perform this routine...



I suggest waiting a few days before placing anything (especially anything wet) on the table. It can cause water marks and for the stain to rub off and onto something you didn’t want a shade of English cherry.

Before you go, let’s reminisce about the time my favorite dancer of the season won SYTYCD. My favorite moment of the season (possibly series) also contained Ricky and the one and only, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

giphy  sytycd7anigif_enhanced-4786-1409247711-1tumblr_nbe4knyXTN1rver3co1_500

Congrats, Ricky Ubeda! Bring on season 12!


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