Details in the Fabric

Last weekend I did something I had’t done in over a year. I stayed at my apartment the entire weekend and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Well, not absolutely nothing. I actually was very productive inside the confines of my humble abode. I spent most of my time binge-watching Gossip Girl.

This may be the most important thing I did. Why? Because Chuck Bass, that’s why.


I also worked on decorating this place and organizing the odds and ends that were still in moving boxes. I am happy to report all four chairs seats have been reupholstered. They aren’t perfect, but they’re mine.

IMG_6290  IMG_6305

I just can’t get enough of this fabric. I can, however, get enough of pulling up staples.


Here’s a little before and after.

IMG_6283  IMG_6302

I love that my chairs don’t match, but the different shades of wood were making my eye twitch a little.


So, I broke out the primer! Zinnser Cover Stain Oil-based Primer is great for covering laminate furniture. You supposedly don’t need to sand before applying, but I like to play it safe and sand it just a little. I’m going to paint them an off-white to match the fabric and table legs.


I had some leftover fabric, and I couldn’t let it go to waste. So, I found a picture frame with handles my dad found on the side of the road and decided it could use a makeover. I cleaned it up and applied primer and paint.


Then, I added glass, picture frame backing and fabric. Voila! A new tray for my coffee table.


I celebrated all my hard work with a nice relaxing trip to the beach this weekend.


Until next time. You know you love me. XOXO


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